You are very welcome to the FTZ – Women’s Therapy Center.

Mirë se vini në FTZ – Qendrën Terapeutike për Femra. • .  ـ  اهلا وسهلا في مركز علاج المرأة. تفضلي• Srdačno dobrodošli u FTZ – Centar za terapiju žena. •
欢 迎 您 来 到 妇 女 治 疗 中 心。• Soyez la bienvenue au FTZ, le centre thérapeutique pour femmes. •  Καλώς ήλθατε στο FTZ –  Θεραπευτικό κέντρο γυναικών. • Benvenuta al FTZ – Centro terapeutico per la donna. • Serdecznie witamy w Ośrodku Terapii dla Kobiet FTZ. • Bem-vinda ao FTZ – Centro Terapêutico para Mulheres. • Bienvenida a FTZ, el centro terapéutico para mujeres. • FTZ – Kadın Terapi Merkezine Hoşgeldiniz. • Добро пожаловать в FTZ – Женский терапевтический центр.

we cannot translate this website in all the different languages spoken by the women living in Munich.
However, if you come to us for counselling or advice, we will endeavour to use your mother tongue. Whether the counsellor speaks your language or we use an interpreter at no charge to yourself, language or culture should not be a barrier.
We want to welcome you, no matter where you are from, which language you speak or which age you are – we will do everything we can, to offer support.

The women staffing the telephone switchboard all understand English. Alternatively, you can write us an e-mail in your own language and we will contact you.

Telephone: 089 747370-0